Cast of Characters in Danger Bird Webcomic

Danger Bird

Male Budgie. Warrior. Talks big, but is kinda a wimp. Often looks annoyed.

White Bird

Female Budgie. Mage. A really good spellcaster, but not all there in the head.


Male Budgie. Rogue/trapmaker.  Likes trinkets and shiny things. Younger than the other budgies, tends to go into a shock when adventures go awry.

Boss Bird

Female Budgie. Seems to be the one in charge of things, enjoys teasing the other budgies.


Male Lovebird. Monk/wrestler. Kinda a bully, but secretly enjoys hanging out with the flock.


Male Diamond Dove. Innkeeper. Lover of terrible bird puns.


Two very young birds. One is a Finch and one is a Canary. Genders unknown. Usually bickering and looking for trouble.

Science Bird

Male Budgie. Likes science. Other budgies are kinda scared of this guy.


Owl. Age and gender unknown.

More characters added soon…