About the Danger Bird Webcomic

I have budgies, they are crazy. This is a series of short comics inspired by said parakeets in their own fantasy birdy universe. Welcome to the Danger Bird webcomic.

The Danger Bird webcomic birds irl - Danger Bird and White Bird

White Bird, Danger Bird irl counterparts


This comic is an experiment to see how long I can keep coming up with new content.  First will be the short panel comics, then the longer story-based chapters when I feel ready.


About the Author/Artist

I am referred on the internet as Izzy. I am referred to my budgies as “Food/heat source and servant.”  Quite a few people asked me to expand on a few of the Danger Bird comics I did for fun on my daily sketch blog, so I decided to make this site.

The Danger Bird webcomic is dedicated to irl Danger Bird. RIP July 1999(ish) – January 31st, 2015.